Jesper Møller Hansen, CEO and founder of JMH Tegnestue, founded the design company in 1991 after earning a degree in Furniture and Industrial Design by The Royal Danish School of Design.

JMH Tegnestue, based out of Copenhagen focuses on combining innovation, quality and originality when the visions and dreams of their clients needs visualization. JMH Tegnestue specializes in furniture and industrial design, where their designs have won several awards, and have been exhibited all over the world. While the studio excels in designing the highest quality furniture, fittings and interiors, JMH Tegnestue has in the later years had a new focus on architecture where their well known innovative thinking is brought into the design process and is easily recognizable throughout the final projects.

The studio draws inspiration from all areas of the design world and works closely together with engineers, fashion designers, 3D designers and benefits from an in-house Sustainable Engineer graduate. JMH Tegnestue has a very specific design process wherein all designs get visualized and hand built in their own model studio outside of Copenhagen.

Jesper Møller Hansen:
“Great danish design is not a matter of course. We are working with the newest technologies and an innovative mindset to obtain a completely unique design. A perfect balance between the soft and hard lines often creates the most harmonic and balanced form. When using natural materials we believe that you have the responsibility do your very best.”

Articles from Bo Bedre, Bedre Hjem etc.



  • Blue Station
  • Kilroy Travels
  • Ersnt Jørgensen
  • Narbutas & Co, Lithuania
  • Linea Domani
  • Gramrude Møbelfabrik
  • ODEP
  • SISO A/S
  • Babysam
  • Bovictus
  • HOF
  • Furnipart A/S
  • Kirkodan
  • Rambøll A/S
  • Oticon
  • KJ Møbler A/S
  • Nokia
  • Alexander Rose
  • Aristo
  • Westwind
  • D-Wears
  • Exhausto
  • FIRM
  • Lauge Jensen
  • Pipuls
  • Weber
  • Walk On Water


  • Finland
  • England
  • Holland
  • Portugal
  • France
  • Japan
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Lithuania
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • USA


  • 1st, Best PC Furniture with ‘Prisme Chair’
  • Nominated for BoBedre’s “Møbelpris”
  • 1st, Formland, with ‘CD holder’
  • 2nd, Aerial Wire, with ‘mobilephone’, Sweden
  • 2nd, “Bent Krog Prisen”, with ‘metal bookcase’
  • 1st, “Best Design”, with ‘Dino Series’, Lithuania
  • 1st, Innovation Prize, ‘best stall’, Lithuania
  • 1st, “Home Office”, with ‘Dino Series’, Lithuania
  • 1st, Best “Garden Furniture”, with ‘Avant Range’, England
  • 1st, Best “Garden Furniture Collection”, with ‘Avant Range’, Paris